History + Credits


Hearts In My Oven started in March 2012 by Lynna Huynh. I started reading so many food blogs that they inspired me to bake. I wanted to bake for my sisters, my friends, and all of my family. I wanted to contribute to making people's days by offering them cookies. I wanted to bake in the kitchen all day long! I had my own website in the past for my graphics, so I decided to just start a food blog.

Graphic Credits:

So far, all layouts have been created and designed by me, and thus copyrighted by me, Lynna Huynh. Layout 2's (not pictured) & 3's oven were drawn by Dalena Huynh for the purpose of my blog only. All graphical credits, can be found HERE. These resources were saved on my computer from when I started graphic designing around 2005. I may or may not have used one or more of these resources in creating graphics for Hearts In My Oven.

Layout History:

Layout 1: The Beginning

Used from March 2012- December 2012. 

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