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All materials and content on  Hearts In My Oven, such as photos, are automatically copyrighted by Hearts In My Oven (Lynna Huynh) 2012-2019 by law. Recipes' lists of ingredients are not protected by US Copyright laws. However, written directions/instructions are copyrighted by law. All recipes adapted from the original source are credited (and linked, if applicable) in each recipe. I do not claim, or attempt to claim, any recipe my own unless it is stated as "Hearts In My Oven Original".*

You may alter my recipes with the condition that you give credit where it is due. You cannot copy word for word my recipe directions/instructions. You may not duplicate my recipe directions anywhere, without my consent. You may use any recipe, but you must write the directions in your own words and give credit where its due. A simple link back to Hearts In My Oven is enough. You may use up to one (1) of my photos, without my permission, to link back to my blog, but ONLY for the purpose to link back to my blog. You cannot use any of my photos for any other purposes without my permission. Please contact me through Email if you wish to use any of my photos for any other reason. You cannot use any content, or derivative of, Hearts In My Oven to gain any monetary compensation. Failure to contact Hearts In My Oven beforehand to use any copyrighted material will result in an appropriate action, relevant in a case-by-case basis. (Example: I will report you if you use any of my photos without my permission and take credit for it on another site, such as Instagram.)

All photos, content, and writing on Hearts In My Oven are my own, unless otherwise stated. 


I, Hearts In My Oven, reserve the right to delete any comment in this blog. Comments I consider as spam will be deleted without notice. Links in comments not relevant towards the post or discussion will be considered as spam and will be treated as so. Only respectful criticism in comments are welcomed, but they must pertain to the discussion, or comment will be considered as rude and/or hateful and will be deleted.

I will always appropriately credit the blogs, books, magazines, websites, etc from which I have discovered the recipe. All of the recipes posted here are my very own adaptions and experiences working with recipes I find.*

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